Bitter Bonds

While the Menagerie recovers from the Prisoner's Mischief, Merunga makes a dangerous deal.
Nov 03, 2014Plans Laid
Nov 04, 2014Another Matter...
Nov 05, 2014Curo, on His Own
Nov 10, 2014Wake Up.
Nov 11, 2014We Shall See
Nov 12, 2014It Will Be Done
Nov 13, 2014Freedom
Nov 14, 2014Move On
Nov 18, 2014The Time Will Come
Nov 20, 2014A Gift of Life
Nov 21, 2014In the Night
Nov 25, 2014A Farewell for Now
Nov 26, 2014Comings and Goings
Nov 27, 2014The Lost is Found
Nov 28, 2014First Impressions


A little people who traveled for time with Merunga before the arrival of Vaagen. They found the night-lord not to their liking, and have moved on.