The Prisoner's Mischief

Unhappy with his new-found imprisonment, the vampire Vaagen effects an escape, using his mischief of rats to achieve this end.
Sep 16, 2014A Strange Woods
Sep 17, 2014Twice Eaten
Sep 19, 2014Merunga's Warning
Sep 22, 2014Make Mischief
Sep 23, 2014Troubled Dreams
Sep 26, 2014The Spider's Web
Sep 29, 2014An Empty Coop
Oct 02, 2014Ekho, the Herald
Oct 03, 2014Why?
Oct 06, 2014I Am No Threat
Oct 08, 2014A Chance Meeting
Oct 09, 2014Be Wary
Oct 10, 2014Guests Arrive
Oct 13, 2014The Call for Help
Oct 15, 2014Pursuit is Ordered
Oct 17, 2014As a Wolf
Oct 21, 2014Helping Hand
Oct 23, 2014Round Two
Oct 24, 2014A Fragile Peace
Oct 27, 2014Troubles
Oct 28, 2014What of this One?
Oct 29, 2014An Offer of Safety
Oct 30, 2014Mouse is Unwell
Oct 31, 2014Respite


From a nearby Roman castle, Haimo's village was plagued by an unknown horror. Scared beyond reason, and slowly dying, the townsfolk rose up and attacked the castle, a monster was killed, yet Haimo heard what others had not, the monster called out to her Master. So Haimo has followed, first the footprints in the forest floor, and then the wheel ruts in the dusty roads, until he has come to the Caravan, still searching for the Master that terrorized his home.


Along with Col, Ermo, and Aloys, Bogdan survived the ruin of his village by Vaagen's mischief. Bogdan blames not the vampire, but the witch. Bogdan has a hate for Merunga, a little thing as yet, but festering all the time.


The mischief of the vampire brought sickness and death to Ermo's village, he is only one of four to have escaped. Older than the other survivors Ermo travels with the caravan not to find a new home as the others do, but to escape the ruins of a town that dwell ever in his memory.


Aloys was happy in his village, content with where he was and what there was to do. Never one for stepping outside of his comfort, he liked all and was liked by all. Now he finds himself traveling to unknown places with unknown creatues, and his comfortable little world crumbling about him.


One of the survivors of the prisoner's mischief, Col is a quiet man, who keeps much to himself.

The Drivers

They are the sons of Merunga, and they guide her wagons where she sees fit, but they are not so scared of her as the others. They are not as other men, they are terrible things.