Continuing this new thing of drawing things I’ve never drawn before, rats.  Whole lotta rats coming up.  Fun fact, a group of rats can be referred to as a ‘mischief of rats.’

So KC RenFest happened this weekend.  This was my third trip to the fair, first visit for the Highland Games weekend. And those are some games indeed.  If you ever thought it was hard to throw a stick, through a 17ft stick weighing roughly 120lbs. (5.18m, 54.43kg, metric, which I would think they would use instead of imperial.)  Out of 20 plus throws of the caber, 6 or so weight by height/distance throws, and a few 150lb (68.03kg) rock carries, I saw no blown backs or hernias, which seems surprising, and only one dude’s nuts when he picked his kilt up with the aforementioned rock.  Good times. I wasn’t man enough to wear my kilt this year, it’s a Utilikilt, I wasn’t up to the dismissive stares of wool clad purists.  Maybe next year.