I think my rats are getting better.  I’m trying to ride this line between real-life/Secret of Nimh/Ratatouille.  I don’t know if I’m riding that line very well, or if my tricycle has completely veered off the road, but these are strips I’m going to be excited about looking back at in a few years and seeing if I’ve improved.

If I had to pick a rat movie, of the two I’ve seen, Secret of Nimh all the way.  3D isn’t bad when it’s good, and besides anything about motorized vehicles of any sort, Pixar is solid gold.  But old school 2d hand drawn, that’s where it’s at.  My brother keeps trying to get me into the DC animated movies, or Young Justice (and I’m a DC guy all the way, it should be an easy sell,) but that art, just – do – not – like.  At all.  Batman: Brave and the Bold wasn’t bad to look at, but I’m over Batman.  My daughter has moved past animated television (for the most part, the old Garfield show is on Netflix and she’s relapsing to her younger days,) so I couldn’t say I’m familiar with what’s out there now, curmudgeonly as I am, I don’t see that as a bad thing.

There’s a dream someday Merunga will see animated life, 2D, not 3D of course.  Probably much later than any sort of sooner, but it is fun to think about.