A Dark Caravan

From out of the endless forest the Menagerie arrives, to snatch a vampire from the clutches of an angry mob, and to trade an old man's life for a young girl's.
Aug 04, 2014The Lonely Castle
Aug 05, 2014Deals Among Devils
Aug 07, 2014The Caravan Awaits
Aug 08, 2014Departure
Aug 15, 2014Arrival
Aug 19, 2014Him!
Aug 25, 2014A Quiet Talk
Aug 26, 2014Breaking a Fast
Aug 27, 2014Knock, knock
Aug 28, 2014Merunga's Offer
Aug 29, 2014A New Name
Sep 01, 2014Her New Home
Sep 02, 2014A Change in Plans
Sep 05, 2014Of What Value?
Sep 09, 2014Still a Prisoner
Sep 10, 2014A Place of Rest
Sep 11, 2014Idle Days
Sep 12, 2014Vaagen's Thrall


From a nearby Roman castle, Haimo's village was plagued by an unknown horror. Scared beyond reason, and slowly dying, the townsfolk rose up and attacked the castle, a monster was killed, yet Haimo heard what others had not, the monster called out to her Master. So Haimo has followed, first the footprints in the forest floor, and then the wheel ruts in the dusty roads, until he has come to the Caravan, still searching for the Master that terrorized his home.