The Frank, a dabbler in the weird mysteries of life, presents his friend Merunga with a rare gift, and a promise of more to follow.
Aug 22, 2016Waking 001
Aug 24, 2016Waking 002
Aug 26, 2016Waking 003
Aug 29, 2016Waking 004
Aug 31, 2016Waking 005
Sep 02, 2016Waking 006

The Sad Afterlife

Sep 05, 2016Afterlife 001
Sep 07, 2016Afterlife 002
Sep 09, 2016Afterlife 003
Sep 12, 2016Afterlife 004
Sep 14, 2016Afterlife 005
Sep 16, 2016Afterlife 006


Sep 19, 2016Sisters 001
Sep 21, 2016Sisters 002
Sep 23, 2016Sisters 003
Sep 26, 2016Sisters 004
Sep 28, 2016Sisters 005
Sep 30, 2016Sisters 006
Oct 03, 2016Sisters 007
Oct 05, 2016Sisters 008
Oct 07, 2016Sisters 009


Oct 10, 2016Tribute 001
Oct 12, 2016Tribute 002
Oct 14, 2016Tribute 003
Oct 17, 2016Tribute 004
Oct 19, 2016Tribute 005
Oct 21, 2016Tribute 006
Oct 24, 2016Tribute 007
Oct 26, 2016Tribute 008
Oct 28, 2016Tribute 009

A Dark Caravan

From out of the endless forest the Menagerie arrives, to snatch a vampire from the clutches of an angry mob, and to trade an old man's life for a young girl's.
Aug 04, 2014The Lonely Castle
Aug 05, 2014Deals Among Devils
Aug 07, 2014The Caravan Awaits
Aug 08, 2014Departure
Aug 15, 2014Arrival
Aug 19, 2014Him!
Aug 25, 2014A Quiet Talk
Aug 26, 2014Breaking a Fast
Aug 27, 2014Knock, knock
Aug 28, 2014Merunga's Offer
Aug 29, 2014A New Name
Sep 01, 2014Her New Home
Sep 02, 2014A Change in Plans
Sep 05, 2014Of What Value?
Sep 09, 2014Still a Prisoner
Sep 10, 2014A Place of Rest
Sep 11, 2014Idle Days
Sep 12, 2014Vaagen's Thrall

The Prisoner's Mischief

Unhappy with his new-found imprisonment, the vampire Vaagen effects an escape, using his mischief of rats to achieve this end.
Sep 16, 2014A Strange Woods
Sep 17, 2014Twice Eaten
Sep 19, 2014Merunga's Warning
Sep 22, 2014Make Mischief
Sep 23, 2014Troubled Dreams
Sep 26, 2014The Spider's Web
Sep 29, 2014An Empty Coop
Oct 02, 2014Ekho, the Herald
Oct 03, 2014Why?
Oct 06, 2014I Am No Threat
Oct 08, 2014A Chance Meeting
Oct 09, 2014Be Wary
Oct 10, 2014Guests Arrive
Oct 13, 2014The Call for Help
Oct 15, 2014Pursuit is Ordered
Oct 17, 2014As a Wolf
Oct 21, 2014Helping Hand
Oct 23, 2014Round Two
Oct 24, 2014A Fragile Peace
Oct 27, 2014Troubles
Oct 28, 2014What of this One?
Oct 29, 2014An Offer of Safety
Oct 30, 2014Mouse is Unwell
Oct 31, 2014Respite

Bitter Bonds

While the Menagerie recovers from the Prisoner's Mischief, Merunga makes a dangerous deal.
Nov 03, 2014Plans Laid
Nov 04, 2014Another Matter...
Nov 05, 2014Curo, on His Own
Nov 10, 2014Wake Up.
Nov 11, 2014We Shall See
Nov 12, 2014It Will Be Done
Nov 13, 2014Freedom
Nov 14, 2014Move On
Nov 18, 2014The Time Will Come
Nov 20, 2014A Gift of Life
Nov 21, 2014In the Night
Nov 25, 2014A Farewell for Now
Nov 26, 2014Comings and Goings
Nov 27, 2014The Lost is Found
Nov 28, 2014First Impressions

The Torgo Road

Her business with Vaagen taken care of, Merunga turns her eyes towards Torgo. There are dangers on the road, dangers even the Menagerie cannot overcome.
Dec 02, 2014Two Companies
Dec 03, 2014Delay No Longer
Dec 04, 2014Kreegah
Dec 05, 2014Terror Comes Again
Dec 09, 2014Wings of the Harpy
Dec 10, 2014Awaiting News
Dec 11, 2014Trouble Ahead
Dec 12, 2014Undeterred
Dec 15, 2014Into the Pass
Dec 23, 2014Then You Will Die
Dec 24, 2014Told Ya'
Dec 26, 2014We Must Leave
Dec 30, 2014Trust in Merunga
Dec 31, 2014Awaiting
Jan 01, 2015Troubleshooters
Jan 02, 2015Guests Arrive
Jan 06, 2015The Drivers
Jan 13, 2015Saved by the Wolf
Jan 16, 2015Keep Them Safe
Jan 19, 2015The Horde
Jan 20, 2015Crumbling
Jan 21, 2015Ekho's Report
Jan 22, 2015What Now?
Jan 23, 2015Turned Around


Golm has been ordered to keep them safe, and he will, as long as he is able.
Jan 29, 2015Why Must I Know?
Jan 30, 2015Soliloquy

Stone of the Frank

The Caravan comes to the birthplace of Golm, friends are lost, tools are gained.
Feb 03, 2015Stuck in the Mud
Feb 06, 2015Open the Door
Feb 09, 2015He Was Never Alive
Feb 11, 2015What are we doing?
Feb 12, 2015Which Will It Be?
Feb 13, 2015The Stone
Feb 18, 2015The Last Words
Feb 23, 2015The Harpy Alarm
Feb 24, 2015Golm is Dead
Feb 25, 2015Am I now?
Mar 05, 2015He's Awake
Mar 09, 2015The Storm Arrives
Mar 10, 2015Form or Function
Mar 11, 2015Life in the Mud
Mar 12, 2015Final Preparations

The Monster Makers

The works of The Frank and Vitor are revealed and reviled. The safe home the Villagers think they have found, is anything but.
Mar 16, 2015Merunga Awakes
Mar 19, 2015Shared History
Mar 25, 2015Vitor's Friends
Mar 26, 2015Ermo Goes to Town
Mar 30, 2015Vitor's Collection
Mar 31, 2015Destroy Them
Apr 02, 2015Gathered Round
Apr 06, 2015Who His Master Is
Apr 07, 2015Made as Intended
Apr 08, 2015Only 'Til Later
Apr 09, 2015Do As You're Told!
Apr 10, 2015You Have Made Us

The Lich Queen

Heva, the golem created by Vitor, finds herself awake in a world she does not understand, and desirous of she knows not what.
Apr 13, 2015Does He?
Apr 14, 2015Gathered 'Round
Apr 16, 2015To Be Free Again
Apr 17, 2015Pillow Talk
Apr 21, 2015Impatience
Apr 23, 2015Another Failure
Apr 28, 2015Unexpected Guest
May 01, 2015Not as Intended
May 04, 2015No More Tricks
May 05, 2015Bogdan's Bad Day
May 06, 2015A Chance Meeting
May 07, 2015Not a Fan
May 11, 2015A Minor Squabble
May 12, 2015Beneath the Shawl
May 13, 2015Methods
May 14, 2015Them!
May 18, 2015I Serve No-One
May 19, 2015One to Rid Another
May 20, 2015Self Appointed
May 22, 2015The Lich Queen
May 27, 2015Interruptions
May 28, 2015Presumptuous
Jun 02, 2015Clay vs. Clay
Jun 03, 2015Denied
Jun 04, 2015Firing the Intern
Jun 05, 2015Apprentice No More
Jun 09, 2015To the Caravan!
Jun 10, 2015Only For a Time
Jun 11, 2015Returns
Jun 12, 2015Remember

Slow Road to Torgo

Merunga leaves The Stone, her caravan little of what it once was. Now it is the time to set it to order.

A Stop Along the Way

The Menagerie comes to Humelt, a small place, out of the way, but full of memories.
Jun 29, 2015Welcome to Humelt
Jul 02, 2015Other Ways
Jul 06, 2015Anticipation
Jul 07, 2015Declaration
Jul 08, 2015Proposition
Jul 09, 2015Destination
Jul 10, 2015Resolution

The Hovel

On the road to Torgo, Merunga and her Menagerie seek shelter. But the road is a dangerous place, even those places of safety are not what they appear.
Jul 20, 2015Birdsong
Jul 21, 2015Mid-Morning
Jul 23, 2015Almost There
Jul 24, 2015Far Enough
Jul 27, 2015Old Stones
Jul 29, 2015How Could It?
Jul 30, 2015I Don't Think So
Jul 31, 2015I'll Hold It
Aug 03, 2015An Unexpected Find
Aug 05, 2015Hush
Aug 06, 2015Escape Attempt
Aug 11, 2015Supplicants
Aug 17, 2015Futility
Aug 18, 2015Feeding Time
Aug 19, 2015Be Very Very Quiet
Aug 20, 2015The Wind is Gone
Aug 24, 2015Given Notice
Aug 25, 2015Who's "We?"

Pretty Bird

Ekho, seeking safety while the Caravan visits the Hovel, finds safety a fleeting thing.

A Funny Way of Living

Some chose to live in homes anchored in the dirt, others prefer homes on wheels that travel where they may. Karkle prefers those houses that do not not move, but finds himself in rather a different situation.

Ugly Duckling

Chybi, once an apprentice, once a prisoner, now a lich, finds himself in dangerous company, and dispatched with a deadly purpose.
Sep 21, 2015Ugly and Forgotten
Sep 22, 2015Unsettled Accounts
Sep 25, 2015Marching Orders

Family Gathering

Merunga at last is very near Torgo, unfortunately, so is her family.
Sep 28, 2015Very Nearly There
Sep 30, 2015Career Counselor
Oct 02, 2015Returned at Last
Oct 06, 2015Need to Know
Oct 09, 2015Roadblock
Oct 12, 2015The Road Crew
Oct 15, 2015Found
Oct 16, 2015Talk of Torgo
Oct 20, 2015Beneath the Mirage
Oct 23, 2015Fireside Chat
Oct 26, 2015The Oldest Sister
Oct 27, 2015Sister Talk
Oct 28, 2015The Gates of Torgo
Oct 29, 2015Adoration
Oct 30, 2015Torgo says Hello

Strange Places

The Menagerie has at long last reached Torgo, but while Merunga finds herself at home among the strange and bizarre, those traveling with her find it altogether different.


The Three Sisters are all gathered together in Torgo, and therein lies the problem.

Man in the Dark

Having been forced to leave Torgo, Merunga rests in the town of Kev, and ponders where she will go next.

Slow Road From Torgo