One of the things I’d like to explore more of: why is Mouse here?  Here, being with the Caravan, with Merunga.  From the earliest I saw the relationship between Mouse and Merunga as the crux of this whole story.  I see ways the story is developing beyond that now, and I haven’t spent nearly as much time with just these two characters as I had originally planned.  The end game will be the same, but the journey will be different, much different than a few scribbles back in ’12 indicated.

Someday, probably years at this point, I’d like to scan in my original notes and sketches, show you guys what you might have gotten to read, but there’s still a lot of mystery in there I’d like to save for later, so I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait on that.

I guess some of the sketches wouldn’t be harmful, but neither would they be helpful.  Lots of pages of faces, I like to draw faces.  Design wise, I’ll cop to not doing my due diligence and figuring out what everything looked like beforehand.  There’s more than a little variation in the wagons, in the characters, in the endless forest of trees it feels like I’ve been drawing, and I’m apologizing for that, and promising to do better.