Anyone play disc golf? I shouldn’t, but I do.  Just the other day I played 18 holes.  After the first hole, I was three strokes up, buy the end of it, I was six strokes down.  Sadly, that’s about par for the course for me (badump-ching.) But, thanks to a freezing cold water hazard on hole two I came out of the game two discs up, which helps me barely at all because I only ever throw the same three discs.

I’ve got a purse that can hold ten discs and a putter, I use an XS, a Roc, and an Aviar.  They all have different numbers on them, and I’ve looked the numbers up, multiple times, I even know what some of them are supposed to mean.  But thanks to an underpowered, unrefined throw, they don’t really mean anything.  Everything goes right, and everything goes into the dirt, about 50 feet from where I threw it.  It’s not always as bad as that, but it is frequently.

Yet I keep returning to the green, only to lose time and again, it’s the same story with my softball team.  I guess the pleasure is in the play, which is something only we losers say, it makes the inevitable defeat sting a little less.