The version of this strip that exists on paper is much better. I draw a couple of AMAZING faces in that third panel that I just absolutely love. However, I drew the wrong faces with the wrong expressions on the wrong bodies, so it had to change. Those two panels, (three and four,) are flashback panels, and they are denoted as such by a somewhat squiggly border. But I wasn’t 100% sure if that would convey what I was going for, so I thought I’d let you know, and, additionally, ask for suggestions you might have that would make it more obvious.

I’ve been looking back through the strips, from the beginning, taking notes of loose plot threads and abandoned ideas, hunting for concepts I need to clear up or bury. What I’ve noticed most however, and this is me tooting my own horn, I think the art has improved not just considerably since the beginning, but mostly since the transition to full size pages.  I’m also having more fun drawing, I’ve got the room to try things out that would have been incredibly difficult and awkward at that smaller size I was laboring under. Man, I hate it when other people get to tell me they told me so. That is the worst.