Looking back, this was a slow week.  I’m more than happy with the art, but the pace was, sluggish, let’s say.  Not that I know, because I’ve never worked professionally in this arena, but I imagine that’s a good use for editors, letting you know when you’re slow. You guys also feel free to let me know when I’m moving slow, or if I’m doing it right, that works to, I’d love to hear what you think.

When I plan these things out, there are about six steps.  Plan out the big arc, plan out the little arcs, splice them all together to get my weeks figured out, rough draft, pencils, final draft. Working through the first four steps, I try to weed out what lulls or extraneous strips I can, they’re kind of easy to catch first stage, little harder second, little harder third, little harder fourth.  If I haven’t caught it by then, and I’m actually sitting at the table roughing the pencils when it occurs to me it might not be the strongest performer I attempt a recovery, but then there’s how that strip will then fit in with the rest to take into consideration.  Catching it in the final draft stage, pretty soul crushing.

I had another webcomic, once upon a time (four years ago, but it only finally breathed it’s last back in March.) That comic was all about not catching bad strips until it was too late.  One of the perks to Merunga is acting on all the lessons I learned during the first go ’round.

Next week we’re moving into the second half of this storyline, and hitting another major story point from the very first outline I did.  Only in the very first outline it happened week, I want to say, four? Any-whoo, see you around on Monday.